1. Where are you based?

Alphastute Limited is a virtual Career and Education Consultancy that serves all English-speaking countries. All you need to connect with us is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and access to a good internet connection.


  1. What is professional development?

Professional development is a period of development in which an individual acquires a level of competence necessary to operate as an autonomous and high impact professional. It is an intensive and collaborative process and includes an evaluative stage.


  1. What are the types of professional development that you offer?

We offer 1 to 1 professional development which includes consultation, coaching, mentoring, webinars and workshops. Some of our areas of specialty include career advice, job and academic applications, further education possibilities, leadership coaching, scholarship sourcing, entrepreneurship, business development.


  1. How are your consultations conducted?

A consultation with our Chief Advisor is mandatory before we offer coaching. All our consultations and sessions are conducted using the video platform Zoom. All that is needed from you is a working email and internet connection.


  1. What does a consultation consist of?

A consultation is a 1 hour Zoom call with our Chief Advisor highlighting your passions, aspirations, fears and challenges. We professionally diagnose your situation and provide strategic  guidance on your problem areas and how they may be overcome if you choose to work with us. After this call, you gain clarity on your issues and you are reenergised and well informed to take the next step to professional growth.


  1. I’ve had a consultation with your Chief Advisor and I would like to be coached.

Great news! Once our Chief Advisor has suggested coaching for you, we create a bespoke career package based on your professional diagnostic. This highlights the duration, activities and price of your coaching plan which will be sent to your email provided. Once you accept, make payment and sign our terms and conditions you’re all set to kickstart your career package with us!


  1. What is the duration of your coaching packages?

Professional development is an intensive and personal service and we are dedicated to our clients achieving long term growth during their time with us. As such, our coaching packages are 3, 6, or 12 month durations.


  1. Do you offer payment plans for your coaching packages?

Yes! Please email us at to find out more.


  1. Can you find me a job?

Unfortunately, no. We are not a recruitment agency however, we can get you professionally ready for your chosen career path or job application and connect you with an expert in your chosen field for mentorship.


  1. Do you work with organisations?

Yes we do! We have predominantly worked with higher education institutions and companies delivering keynote addresses on team building, skills building and managing and leading others.


  1. I can't attend my consultation, what can I do?

Please contact us at You may reschedule your discovery call via email within 24 hours of your consultation, however payment will not be refunded. We allow two incidents of rescheduling and no more. If you have to reschedule a third time, your payment will be forfeited and you will have to book a new consultation with us.

Please note, clients will be automatically rescheduled if they do not show up for their consultation within 10 minutes.



Cancellations - All services bought online may be cancelled within 14 days of session due date and you will receive a full refund. In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your session with us outside of 14 days, you must give us 3 days notice of the cancellation by contacting A cancellation fee of £50 will be applied for the service booked.

If you you do not email us within 3 days of your scheduled session, Alphastute Limited reserves the right to consider your session spent to cover the loss.

Refunds - In the event you wish to ask for a refund of a session spent, you should give us a written notification via within 48 hours of the session outlining in 200 words or more your reason for dissatisfaction. If a full or partial refund is granted, it will be processed in 14days.