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Here at Alphastute, we believe in empowering people to pursue their dreams bravely and knowledgeably. With a stellar track record of working closely with C-Suite managers, creatives, entrepreneurs as well as students our approach prioritises your time with us, guaranteeing that you receive a bespoke service tailored to your developmental needs.

Need 1 hour of expert advice on your next career move? Need guidance on how to leverage your business? Maybe you're seeking advice on how to become more aligned in your purpose? Not to worry, our 1 hour confidential and intensive bespoke consultation will provide you with the answers and clarity you deserve.

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Further Education Services

Whether you are a recent graduate or a full-time student our further education services cater to those that have an interest in academia ensuring that you come out on top!

Our services include:
⦁ International University Scouting
⦁ University Applications/Personal Statements
⦁ Scholarship Application
⦁ Academic Proofreading

Job Preparation Services

In a global world, job seekers have a variety of options that will challenge them to stay competitive. Now, more than ever your digital footprint and professional documents need to stand out. Our job preparation services applies our experience in professional branding to strongly and persuasively introduce you to employers before you can formally introduce yourself.

Our services include:
⦁ CV and Cover Letter Review
⦁ Interview Preparation
⦁ Professional Branding and LinkedIn

Consultancy Services

When you are at the forefront of change, we understand that you may need extra support to help you achieve your organisational, team or project goals. Utilising our proven track record of top quality research and project management, we ensure that success sticks with you long after we're gone.

Our range of consultancy services include:
⦁ Business Plans
⦁ Business Optimization
⦁ Program or Project Evaluation
⦁ Market Research
⦁ New team initiatives
and much more!

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Coaching Services

At Alphastute, we are a Purpose and Performance Coach with a strategy deeply rooted in facilitating our client's aspirations whilst spotlighting their strengths. Too often, professionals settle for jobs they are unhappy with our environments that don't help them thrive. As such, our coaching approach focusses on YOUR desires, big goal and legacy. We take a hands on approach to coaching characterised by targets, accountability and transparency ensuring that you always stand in your greatness.

Our coaching services all rooted in Purpose and Performance Coaching also include:
⦁ Career Coaching
⦁ Business Coaching
⦁ Developmental Coaching (Students and Professionals)

If you are interested in Group Coaching or 1-1 Coaching please click on the relevant service.

Please note that our coaching services are ONLY offered to clients that have had an initial consultation with us.